Pediatric Dentistry

Even young patients need their smiles to be taken care of. If you are looking to schedule a pediatric appointment in Jackson, Mississippi, reach out and call 601-982-5349. A member of our office can arrange your child’s visit with our dentist, Dr. Roger Wirtz. Dr. Wirtz is happy to talk with patients and parents about […]

Preventative Dentistry

The best way for our dentist to treat problems is to prevent them from happening. Dr. Roger Wirtz provides preventive dentistry in Jackson, Mississippi, so patients can avoid potential problems and issues. Come in for a consultation by phoning 601-982-5349 and discover how to keep your teeth and smile healthier for longer. The goal of […]

Periodontal Care

Dr. Roger Wirtz takes time to take care of a patient’s whole smile, including their gums. Gum tissue needs to be taken care of, just like your teeth, in order to ensure the health of your smile. Visit our dentist for periodontal care in Jackson, Mississippi, by calling 601-982-5349 and arranging an appointment with a […]

Teeth Whitening

Sometimes the best way to improve the look of your smile is through a whitening treatment. If you have stains that do not go away with over-the-counter treatments, visit Dr. Roger Wirtz. Our dentist can arrange for professional teeth whitening in Jackson, Mississippi. To meet with our dentist and have him arrange your treatments, call […]

Smile Makeover

Any smile can become beautiful with the help of Dr. Roger Wirtz! Arrange your smile makeover in Jackson, Mississippi, today for a more confident smile! Our dentist will be glad to meet with you to go over your options for treatment or to answer any questions you may have. Just contact our office at 601-982-5349 […]

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Learn about the ways a veneer can fix, repair and improve the look of your teeth! Meet with our dentist, Dr. Roger Wirtz, and ask about how cosmetic treatments like veneers can give you a better smile. Patients can arrange a meeting with us by calling 601-982-5349 and we will be happy to help them […]

Gum Contouring

Getting a beautiful smile does not always mean fixing your teeth. The gums are an important part of your smile, and Dr. Roger Wirtz offers ways to improve their appearance. Contact us at 601-982-5349 to plan a gum contouring in Jackson, Mississippi. Our dentist can help you plan this treatment and discover a beautiful smile. […]

Dental Bonding

Want to get a better smile? There are many ways for Dr. Roger Wirtz to treat your smile and improve the look of your teeth. One of the simplest for our patients and our dentist is dental bonding. Discover more about dental bonding in Jackson, Mississippi; contact our practice today at 601-982-5349 to arrange your […]